Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Goodbye 2008

Althought it is a little late to say goodbye now, but i think goodbye is still a must to move on.

Year 2008, what have I done:
1. Moving to sales, challenging department but I have earn the most money in Dell for this 4 years. Even thought it is actually little amount for alots of people, but for me it is far far more alot than my past as my start pay in Dell is only 2k. But good time passes, now I am earning almost the same with my first start. Life is funny, it is definitely a circle.
2. Bought my first puppy pet poodle gal. She is my only company at home when rains dropping and sky darking. 1 day she will become a mama too,born babies, take care of them... But sometimes she very playful, jump here and there.
3. Earn a free trip to Australia. Sponsored by Microsoft. First time to see so many dolphins in my life and they are real. Aren't that scarry and it is just exactly like a dream comes true with 8 hours MAS flight to Brisbane and transit to Gold Coast, is just like a dream till now.
4. Move to my husband flat that he just bought. This is the first time after 8 years of staying outside i have a home. I am longing for a home or a house.... aren't they same? I found out it might not be the same actually. So is this a house or a home? Where is my home then?
5. I got registered married to an Indian guy, Mr David Dawson on 12 Dec 2008. Who is this man? Sometimes i know him, i can predict his next move, sometimes i don't know him, there are some part of him i never seen. Who is he actually? Married to a stranger or maybe a partial stranger. Hehe....

Seems like much happening in this 2008. Lets see what happening for 2009:
1. I want to change my job, less challenging job, probably a secondary school counselling teacher. Life journay is not easy but at least we keep walking.
2. I want to be more calm and take time to know myself. Go all out to get what i want. If can i want to go all out to do a performance on stage.
3. I don't think that i want a baby this year, life is still very uncertain.


  1. hey dear, you did more than me in 2008... good job gal!
    can i add your blog into my blog list?