Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hatyai 1st January 2009

Mr David is just going to hit his head inside the tuk-tuk.

David keeps laughing from behind when I am wearing these 2 horns. He say it is exactly look like real me. Hmph, bad guy... Oh, maybe he means angel in devil's body :P

Hatyai Keuh Teow Soup and "yu piu". Wow, i very like the "yu piu"

This is Hatyai street party. They have 4 different stage at the different corner of the street. There are performance and road stalls. Basically, we also don't know apa mereka nyanyi, hehe...

Penang Tune Hotel

This is the newly opened Penang Tune Hotel. Very nice and clean. We book a stay for 1 night non air-cond room. U guess how much? RM16 only wahaha... 2 things I like about this hotel are: they have 3 type of recycling bins and the wall in the room is not plain, it is with flowers drawing. Free internet at the lobby too.

My new home and poodle

This is my new home hall picture. The carpet nice? Hmph, few weeks ago we discover one horrible truth. Our nice carpet has became our poodle pii pii toilet already. We turn the carpet and found out alots of urine marks.... Now we have replaced with a platic one. So sad.

My Grown Up Poodle Gal

My poodle gal grown up already. Yesterday she ran down from our 3rd floor flat. David chased her and call her name. She don't want to come. Hmm.. naughty already. Then the mama hv to come down and carry back the daughter... Hmm mama very great oh... hehe..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Holiday

I am on holidays. Probably I am on holiday for long which I don't realise.

Now I am completely jobless. What I will do daily is cleaning partial of our home, online, cooking, washing... n thinking.

Life is funny. I enjoy my life like this but at the same time it sound not meaningful. then how could I decide whether my life is good or bad, meaningful or less meaningful... basically who can even help me... Hmmm........

Hopefully this holiday last as long as Gods gift....